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SmartBots Makerspace & Tutorials was designed to fill a void in the homeschool community. As homeschool moms, we wanted to give our children the opportunity to learn engineering skills in a hands-on, interactive environment. We all value education, hold degrees, and have specialized in the areas of Tech, Biology, Art, and Business. 

With STEAM education, science is taught from a fun and creative approach. No more boring science class- HELLO STEAM with SmartBots!

STEM education will increase students' understanding of how things work and improve their use of technologies.

Engineering is directly involved in problem solving and innovation. Students will think outside of the box to solve problems and develop  innovative products.

Every engineer who comes up with a new innovation uses far more than math, engineering, and technology. They also use design-thinking, creativity, communication, and artistic skills to bring those innovations to fruition-- thus why the A is added to STEM to now make STEAM education!

Math is the means and foundation to the solid development of the skills of learning, logical thinking and reasoning. Math is at the core of STEAM education, allowing  everything to piece together.



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