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10 Weeks
Mon 10 AM CST (Ages 8-12)
Mon 11 AM CST (Ages 13+)



Brittney has a BS in Biology from Xavier University. She is pursuing her Master's Degree in Allied Health Education from William Carey University. She is passionate in sparking a love of science through hands-on activities. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and son.

About the Course

Join our research based deep dive into the busting the presumptive definition of who scientists are. We will explore 16 diverse innovators, some of whom are not very well known.

Week 1: Students will do a guided drawing on the myths of who does science? What do these people look like? What environment do they work in? We will begin dispelling these myths by discussing different diverse innovators. Students will add to their drawings over the course of the class so it is very important that they do not lose them.

Week 2: We will explore 18 different innovators. At the end of class, students will decide who they would like to conduct research on during the course of the class.

Week 3: We will discuss credible and non-credible resources and the importance of a Works Cited page. Students can choose to work on their own, or in a pair/group to find credible sources of research on their innovator. In the last ten minutes of class, we will discuss their discoveries and review the credible resources checklist.

Week 4: Students will receive a Choice Board for their final project. Some of the choices include making a report, poster or a PowerPoint. This presentation will serve as the informal final assessment for the class. Students will work to design and build a prototype of a product/project to go along with the presentation. In this class we will complete the Ask and Brainstorm steps of the Engineering Design process.

Week 5. Students will complete the last three steps of the Engineering Design process in class. We will Plan a design of our prototypes and the materials we will need. We will Create our prototypes and then we will show show them off and collaborate with peers on how to Improve our designs.

Week 6: We will improve our Designs and move into working on our Presentations. Time will be given in class to Brainstorm effective ways to present the material. Students will then complete an outline their presentation.

Week 7: Students will work on building their presentations and meeting the requirements of a rubric. At the end of the class they will share their progress with the instructor to ensure understanding.

Weeks 8-9: The first half of class during week 8, students will finish their project. Then, students will present their finished prototype and presentation to the class. This should last both sessions.

Week 10: We will go back to the original questions of Who Are Scientists? What do they look like? Where do they work, etc., and update our pictures. We will discuss all of the innovations we hope to create in the future. We will celebrate the end of class with Kahoot and other games.

Some of the innovators we will explore include:
Marie Curie
Walter Lincoln Hawkins
Ada Lovelace
Jacinto Convit
And many more

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