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Brittney has a BS in Biology from Xavier University. She is pursuing her Master's Degree in Allied Health Education from William Carey University. She is passionate in sparking a love of science through hands-on activities. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and son.

About the Course

Day 1: Germs and the immune system
We will explore types of germs and how they affect our body. We will also discuss the scientific method and the importance of controls. Our project for the day will include determining the types of germs on our hands (starts on Monday and observed on Friday) and making a blood sensory bottle to discuss white blood cells.

Day 2: Nutrition and Food
We will complete a MyPlate activity and make smoothies to explore how we can “hide” veggies for picky eaters. We will also discuss how the stomach digests food and build a model of the stomach to demonstrate mechanical and chemical digestion.

Day 3: Heart & Lungs
We will explore the Cardiac and Respiratory systems. Then we will build working heart, lung and diaphragm to see these systems in action!

Day 4: Move your muscles/bones
We will discuss the Musculoskeletal system. Then we’ll put our muscles and bones to work by completing exercises with stretching and bending to demonstrate joint movement and feel muscles. Then, we will make a model spinal cord and explore why we need bones to hold our muscles & fat together. Lastly, we will create a model hand with working joints to demonstrate how muscles and bones work together.

Day 5: Dental Health
We will discuss the importance of good dental hygiene and the roles our teeth play. We will explore the effects of tooth decay, staining, and sugar with a hands-on experiment placing eggs into different substances to show why it’s beneficial to brush our teeth daily.

While we wait to see the effects on our “teeth”, we will make observations and conclusions from our germ probe on Monday. We will close camp with fun games and review.

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