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Acacia loves being an instructor, because she believes learning is a student's journey to discovering their passions.
She is an honors graduate from UCLA with a major in Physiological Science and a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology. She has three years of teaching experience, including UCLA's Infant Development Program, UCLA’s Learning Assistant Program, Devon Review, Franklin Educational Services, and School on Wheels. In these roles, she gained experience helping students with learning differences such as dyslexia and ADHD. She values academic mastery based on understanding rather than memorization and hands-on activities that reveal a topic’s relevance to real life.

About the Course

Students will not even realize they are learning until they have karate kicked through all the facts. During our last session, join us at our "Belt Ceremony" where we culminate their accomplishments and they receive black belts in Math Facts Masters.

Master all 12 sets of Multiplication Facts and explore how we use Math in games and fun activities.

Each week, the class will start by reviewing the previous week's facts with a timed assessment.
New facts are introduced and explored through arrays, skip counting, patterns, and other methodology.
Tips and tricks to remember fact families are discussed.
Fun activities are included each week such as songs, games, and escape rooms.
Practice activities are completed between classes.

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