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12 Weeks
Wed 1 PM CST (Ages 8-12)
Wed 11 AM CST (Ages 13+)



Denise is a freelance seamstress and sewing teacher with over 30 years of experience specializing in apparel, home décor and costumes. After spending much of her youth learning from her very talented sewing mom and working in a fabric store, she earned her BS in Marketing from Bloomsburg University and her MBA from Temple University. While working in the corporate world she continued to follow her passion for sewing until her sewing client base took over full time. That passion she is happy to share with “children of all ages”.

About the Course

In this class, we will complete three projects. Students will learn the basic while making a pillowcase. Then, we will learn how to measure and cut while creating a tote bag. Lastly, we will put all of our skills together and learn how to make and use a pattern as we make our very own pair of Christmas pajamas.

Each class will start with a review. We will spend time learning new concepts and vocabulary. Then, we will apply our concepts to our hands-on projects.

Week 1: Students will learn the parts of the sewing machine. They will complete a pedal warm up and practice the basics of sewing using paper.

Week 2: We will continue to learn more about parts of the sewing machine. We will also begin learning Fabric vocabulary and start working with our fabric to make our pillowcases.

Week 3: We will complete our pillowcases.

Week 4: We will learn how to cut and measure fabric for our tote bags. We will practice using a tape measure and other tools to measure. This is where Math meets practical application.

Week 5: We will continue working on out Tote Bag.

Week 6: We will complete and show off our finished project.

Week 7: Students will learn how to measure themselves and learn to read a pattern envelope. They will determine how much fabric is needed for making their Christmas pajamas.

Week 8: We will learn how to lay out our pajama patterns and start pinning and cutting the fabric.

Week 9: We will begin constructing our Christmas pajamas.

Week 10: Students will continue constructing their Christmas pajamas.

Week 11: We will continue constructing our Christmas pajamas.

Week 12: We will finish the construction of our Christmas pajamas.

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