So, how  does this work?

Once membership subscription/enrollment fee is paid, you will receive an email with information on how to access the Student Portal. Supply lists are provided by teachers at the beginning of each month in  the portal. Students and parents can also access all assignments and communicate with the teacher through the portal. When it’s time for class, students jump onto our Virtual Learning module  and join the fun!


Will I have to pay a registration fee?

All registration fees are currently waived through May 30, 2020. 


What happens during the Summer?

SmartBots is a year-round program. If you would like your student to continue through the Summer or feel he or she needs more time to prepare for the upcoming school year, we’re here to help! We also offer Private Tutoring to students who require more intensive help. 


Do these classes count for subject credit?

We have confirmed with HomeLife Academy as long as a student completes 75 hours/semester of coursework, the class can count as a credit. Our biweekly courses that run through June 15, 2020 meet this requirement as long as all assignments are completed. Please feel free to contact them here to find out more about homeschooling. 

What if I decide to homeschool long term? 

The decision to homeschool is personal to each family. If you decide homeschooling is the best for your family long-term, please contact HSLDA and HLA for more information. As always, we are here to help you along your journey in any way possible. 

What if my student returns to school before SmartBots classes are over?

We will work with families to select an after school time to continue courses as enrichment or tutorials. We strive to build relationships and serve as a lifelong support system  for parents and students. If we cannot find a time that fits, any unused payments will be prorated and added to your account for future use during summer camps or courses. 

Are there any other resources I should know about? 

SmartBots hosts a virtual Moms’ Night Out monthly to support both newbies and seasoned moms in their school at home  journey. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and be the first to hear about new courses, camps and discounts. Also join our email list to receive our weekly Blog updates with lots of schooling from home tips, tricks and resources.

Have a question that we did not answer?

Shoot us an email at info@smartbotspace.com.

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