SmartBots is happy to announce we are now offering Virtual Classes! You can now attend a class in your PJs! The full HOMEschool experience! Once you register for a Virtual Class, you will receive an e-mail from SmartBots with a direct link to join your class. At the day and time your class starts, we will be on a video conference call and class will be in session!

STEAM Coding Camp

Looking for a way to get your child off the video games this summer? Join the Club as we use Javascript, HTML, and Python based on his or her skill level to create new games! Little engineers will love learning the science behind how their games work.
Ages 8-13 

** Spaces are limited. **

STEAM Makers Club Online

Start your week off with this fun, interactive STEAM class. Join us as we use problem-based learning to design new solutions each week. We will walk through the engineering design process as we build prototypes and study different science topics each month.

March – Spring & Life Cycles

April – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

May – Theme Parks

Storybook STEAM

Spark a love of literature in your young learner as STEAM meets their favorite children’s books. 


Complete labs, make Punnett squares and explore the classifications of living creatures in this interactive course. NGSS aligned, live, completely online Biology class.

Ages 11-18

We will use cK-12 Biology Flexbook.

Week 1. Scientific Thinking and Reporting & Foundations of Biology

Week 2. Cells & Energy Metabolism

Week 3. 4. Cell Division & Mutations

Week 5. 6. Genetics & Biotechnology

Week 7. Classification

Weeks 8 & 9. Ecology

Week 10. Microbes & Eukaryotes

Week 11. Invertebrates & Vertebrates

Week 12. Human Body Biology

The Math Behind The Science

If the thought of doing math in your science classes gives you heart palpitations, this is the course for you! Learn about scientific notation, significant figures, dimensional analysis, and more as we learn the math concepts necessary to successfully complete Advanced Science courses. This a great introductory or refresher course for students who plan to take Physics, Chemistry or Engineering classes in the near future. 

Multiplication Masters Online

Whether your Maker loves or loathes Math, he or she will enjoy ninja chopping through all 12 facts. They won't know they're learning until they've karate kicked through them all. 

Root Word Olympians

Did you know most English terms originated from Greek and Latin root words? Etymology knowledge enhances students’ reading skills, ability to recognize mathematical and scientific terms and boost standardized test scores.  Join our entertaining Reading Olympians course to explore Greek mythology and learn the most common prefixes, suffixes and root words! 

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