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As much as we would like to stop everything to focus on the pressing matters at hand, we are also aware that education is the concourse through which change happens. As a scientist, I often questioned the purpose of History and English, but now I understand better than ever.

Learning our History gives us a foundation of rationale for our decisions. History repeats itself. It’s our job to recognize the cycles and CHOOSE to do different.

Literature shows us the humanity in each other. People across time, space and cultures have chosen to put pen to paper and woven together stories that show shared emotions in this human experience. The reason we can’t put a great book down once we start it is because we find something relatable in the story.

So how do we talk to our kids and prepare the next generation to do better, be better, live better?

We teach them our history and humanize the experiences of others who do not look the same. After all, at our core, we are a HUMAN RACE in which all people deserve compassion. We have to have the tough conversations and resist the urge to turn a blind eye to the social injustices happening around us.

To be silent is to be complicit.

We have always and will continue to stand with those promoting peace, love and justice.

If you need help finding a starting point to your family conversations, here is a list of books compiled by Ms. Amy to spark discussions about racism and tolerance. It is important that parents view each read aloud before viewing it with their child.


With Love,

The Taylors

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