Implementing Comic Books into Your Curriculum

Here’s some of the best comic book curriculum options we’ve used:

When I started teaching my little to read, there was an innate ability but a lack of motivation. After many months of trying different options, I stumbled upon a free trial of Reading Eggs. The little was enthralled by this innovative Australian app and progressed quickly through the levels. Once we were reading, it was time to apply that knowledge to real books but again there was a lack of interest. Enter: graphic novels! The first was the graphically adapted version of A Wrinkle In Time. After reading the book in two days, the journey to find the graphic novel of every book we could think of began. That was two years ago and the story still remains the same. So, this year when we started to choose our curriculums, I knew graphic novel or comic book based options were a must! Here’s some of the best comic book curriculum options we’ve used:

Beast Academy Math with a comic book twist created by the Art of Problem Solving. This high level math course combines just enough fun with critical thinking skills. There is also an option to complete assignments online and watch accompanying videos.

Chester Comix Designed by Bentley Boyd, this is a visual learner’s dream to learning American History. Chester the Crab leads your child through each topic while making jokes along the way.

The Comic Book Project Guide your homeschoolers through the writing process by participating in The Comic Book Project! Students explore the Elements of a Story while they write, draw and publish their own comic book.

Science Comics Spanning topics from The Brain to Outer Space, Science Comics are fun, stand-alone graphic novels for every age. Whether you’re introducing a topic or looking to supplement your studies, Science Comics are the way to go!

And many more…

So, how will you implement graphic novels into your curriculum?

Let me know in the comments below.

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